Nice to meet you, we're CubeCraft!

We produce some of the best Minecraft content in the world and are always looking to branch off into new ideas or support fellow community leaders. Introducing the CubeCraft Partner Programme. CubeCraft has millions of players globally all wanting to play the latest high quality Minecraft mini-games but they also want to see Content Creators playing them. Our goal is to continuously create both exciting new games maps and more as well as provide updates to our most popular games. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity and support to do something amazing, whether that be creators, community organizers or anything else. Here are a few interesting numbers to give you a test of what we offer.

Total Games
Unique Maps
Unique Players

What we can give you.

With our partnership we offer you many features and benefits to assist you in organizing, creating or leading whatever it is you do.

Nickname Feature

Use /nick on our network to disguise yourself and have a private experience!

Unlock Everything

We want to help you show off our best features, so we give you them all.

Early Access

We organise closed pre-views of our upcoming games and updates. Creator Partners will get access to these allowing you to showcase early content before anyone else!

Dedicated Contact

We'll give you direct & fast contact with anyone in our team so we can help you with any issue.

Giveaway Support

We love giving back to the community. If you have an awesome idea for a giveaway you can ask us for ranks or merch, and we'll provide what we can!

Future Features

There's lots more in the works. We look forward to sharing it with all our partners.

Marketplace Content

Access to our newest content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Try out our latest worlds, skin packs, and texture packs!

You'll be in good company

We already have many partners of various backgrounds and we look forward to adding you!