Nice to meet you, we're CubeCraft!

We produce some of the best Minecraft content in the world. Over the last year we have been working on improving our offering for Content Creators and we're finally ready to reveal it to you. Introducing CubeCraft Partners. CubeCraft has millions of players globally all wanting to play the latest high quality Minecraft mini-games but they also want to see Content Creators playing them. Our goal is to continuously create both exciting new games maps and more as well as provide updates to our most popular games. Content Creators in the past have produced successful series with over a hundred episodes on our games. We want to provide support to you to do the same. Here are a few interesting numbers to give you a test of what we offer.

Unique Maps
Unique Players

Program requirements

In general we're looking for content creators that are interested in making great content that we can help support. If you think you are the right fit for us have a look at the requirements below. It's important to note that just because you don't meet every criteria in the list doesn't mean that we won't look at your application. We list these as a general guideline to help people see what we're looking for.

If you meet these guidelines, fantastic! However this does not guarantee that you will be granted the rank. Sometimes we just don't think that an applicant is a good fit for our community.

Video Creators
  • 5000+ Subscribers
  • 2500+ views
    within 7-10 days of uploading.
Shorts Creators
(YouTube videos less than 5 minutes)
  • 30000+ Subscribers
  • 15000+ views
    within 10 days of uploading.
  • 5000+ Followers
  • 500+ views
    on a past stream after 24 hours.
TikTok Creators
  • 40000+ Followers
  • 30000+ views
    within 10 days of uploading.

What we can give you.

Becoming a partner is a two way street. We expect great things of you, it's only fair we provide something in return. Below are just some of what we offer to our partners.

Access to nicknames

For those times when you want to be extra stealthy, use /nick to change your name across the network!

Unlock everything

We want to help you show off our best features, so we give you them all From voting options to kits and a lot of other things!

Early access to releases

We organise closed pre-views of our upcoming games and updates. Content Partners will get an invite to these allowing you to get your content out as soon as it's relevant.

Dedicated contact for help

Sometimes you just need a person to ping about an issue. We'll give you direct contact with our team so we can help you where possible.

Support with competitions

We love giving back to the community. If you have an awesome idea for a giveaway you can ask us for ranks or merch, and we'll do the rest!

Secret surprises

There's lots more in the works. We look forward to sharing it with all our partners.

Marketplace Content

Access to our newest content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Try out our latest worlds, skin packs, and texture packs before anyone else!

You'll be in good company

We already have over a hundred partners and we look forward to adding you!

Apply to become a CubeCraft Partner

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